Cannot install latest version

How to make it install?

dpkg: regarding grafana-enterprise_9.5.1_amd64.deb containing grafana-enterprise:
 grafana-enterprise conflicts with grafana
  grafana (version 8.3.2) is present and installed.

dpkg: error processing archive grafana-enterprise_9.5.1_amd64.deb (--install):
 conflicting packages - not installing grafana-enterprise
Errors were encountered while processing:

if you look at the error it clearly states that you already have an older version.

OK, how to I get rid of the older version so that I can install the newer version?

nb: I don’t want to lose any of my config, dashboards, etc.

you are going to need to provide us with some more details of your environment.

operating system for example.

but also you need to thoroughly read the docu

Ubuntu 22.04

You should make upgrading seamless.

the install path you are choosing has nothing to do with grafana. but you are right it should be seamless. But you also have to do due diligence.
with any software if you have an existing version with a folder name of that software
and you try to reinstall in same folder, it wont work.

how did you install the previous one?

ps: And I dont work for grafana.

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so are you still using the previous version and you want to continue using it?
if so extract your grafana into another folder other than folder grafana.

It also looks like you have the grafana package installed and are now trying to install the grafana-enterprise package. You cannot have both installed at the same time.

Where can I get the latest version of the regular package? I don’t want the enterprise package.

The same place were you got the Enterprise edition from, just pick “OSS” from the dropdown menu instead of “Enterprise” :slight_smile:

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