Cannot disable login inside of iframe

I am currently using grafana to display graphs in a project that I am working on but I have a problem. If I have not first logged in to grafana then I do not see my graphs displayed - I instead see the login page within the iframe.

I want to disable the login so that I can just see the graph straight away. Everywhere I have checked on the internet says that simply changing the auth_anonymous enabled to true should solve my problem, but it does not.
I am running my project, and therefore my grafana, through docker and have added environment variables to the docker-compose.yml.
After looking at several pages and adding every suggestion I have seen on the internet to my docker-compose.yml, my environment variables now looks like this:

        - GF_AUTH_ANONYMOUS_ORG_NAME="Main Org."
        - GF_AUTH_BASIC_ENABLED="false"
        - GF_AUTH_PROXY_ENABLED="true"
        - GF_USERS_ALLOW_SIGN_UP=false

These do not get rid of the login page, does anyone know what will?