Cannot connect/test to local ntopng datasource

I’ve recently installed Grafana on the same server as ntop. The documentation gives an example of…


…though the default ntopng instance runs on 3000. I’m not sure why it would reference 3001 at both ntop’s and grafana’s site.

At any rate, my configuration is based on the above, but pointing port 3000, and the rest configured as the documentation shows. Testing the configuration seemingly fails as all that’s returned is a orange box with the text, if any, obscured. There is no reference to this in either the grafana or ntopng log. Grafana was restarted successfully after the plugin installation.

Further to the above, I have no issue pointing to a remote instance of ntopng with exactly the same configuration.

The plugin is the appropriate ntop plugin and is configured as direct access, basic authentication. Not much more to it other than it doesn’t work. Any insight is appreciated.

New edit below:
So regarding the above, I’ve created a new grafana instance on the old server to vet local/remote connectivity and it seems it’s an issue with the new instance of ntopng. In short, the old server has no issues with grafana connecting to it, whether a local or remote instance of grafana. The new server does it seems, but the issue remains as that I don’t know why. There’s no difference that I can think of with ntopng other than some minor configuration differences related to ntopng itself.

I had seen some invalid username/PW messages in the grafana log, but they seem random and not related to me attempting to connect.

So part of this seems to be related to the fact that I don’t know what grafana is telling me, and part an issue on the ntopng side.

I think I see the issue, but I don’t know whose shoulders this falls on, ntop’s or Grafanas?

The grafana directory and subsequent *.lua files in /usr/share/ntopng/scripts/lua/modules/ isn’t there.

My dev builds for ntop have these in place, but the stable build of ntop does not. Said latter build is from three days ago as of this post. For the dev build, I didn’t do anything in particular other than the normal install guides. Same with the stable build.

From where should these be created; an update from ntop or when the plug-in was installed for grafana?

Ok…this was my own fault…I failed to see the fine print in that this is supported in ntopng in 3.1, whereas the stable builds are still on 3.0.