Ntopng 1.0.0 plugin not showing all metrics?


I’ve installed ntopng and nprobe. Using nprobe as a netflow v9/IPFIX collector, and ntopng is talking to nprobe. I read about how I can have Grafana interface with ntopng for more robust graphing. I’ve installed the plugin and after a bit of work, it’s able to connect.

The issue is that if I go and try to create a graph, it doesn’t show the metrics that I’d expect it to show. It only shows hosts, and only a subsets of hosts (maybe 50?). My actual ntopng installation has 50,000 hosts.

Not that I care about seeing 50,000 host metric entries. I’m more interested things like traffic to/from ASNs. Since I can see ASN info and things like that in ntopng, I guess I sort of expect all that to be available using the Grafana plugin.

Is there something that I’m missing that is required to see more of what’s in ntop?


BTW: Documentation issue: The documentation here: https://grafana.com/plugins/ntop-ntopng-datasource says you should use this as a URL: http://localhost:3001/lua/modules/grafana

However that results in an error upon saving. The URL needs to include a trailing / before it’s successful. This is using Grafana 5.4.3 and ntopng 3.8.