Can we set value of min max in gauge plugin by using query from grafana query tab?

Can we change the value of Max and Min field of grafana gauge plugin editor by a Query which is written on the grafana query tab?

In the below image see the min and max field in the editor of the gauge plugin.

Image shows the min and max field with values 0 and 100 in the editor of grafana gauge plugin

As you can see in the first image. Currently, the max field has value 100 I want to change this value by running the query in the grafana query tab.

image of grafana query tab where we will run the query to change the max and min values

As you can see that I have written a query “select 10 as gaugemax;” to change the value of the max field from 100 to 10 but I am unable to change the max value of the gauge editor by this query.

So it is possible to change the value of a max field in gauge plugin by query and if it is possible then which query I should run to change the value of the max field.


Hi, Did you resolve this already? I’m stuck on this also.