Can we import Sexi Graf Dashboards to Grafana Server

Hi Team
Our main aim was to visualize a better graphs for our environment having 6 vcenters and more than 16000 vm’s and 3000 vlcoud vm’s .
Approach 1:
We have used Influx DB and Telegraf to fetch the details and we were able to get the details of Vsphere , vcenter , esxi , and some data stores along with vcloud VMs but no system is very slow and ithe performance was really bad .

Approach 2
We have come across SexiGarf appliance , where in we enter the creds and then boom we are getting the details , however may be due to environment size appliance performance size is reduced.

Now we have cluster set up for grafana and we want to see if we can use the scripts used by
Sexigraf appliance.
Did any one tried to do this before ?
Please share your valuable suggestions here :slight_smile: