Can we display top performing queries of SQL database in Grafana?

Hello Team,

First, thanks for providing a wonderful tool to the world of IT systems. Its really cool :).

Now, coming to the topic. I am planning to visualise the SQL database queries performance by different metrics like CPU time, Execution time,etc.,. Is it possible to visualise the data in stacked bar chart to show the queries in stacked manner from InfluxDb?

Given some examples of how we wanted to acheive this :slight_smile: Hope there is a way.




Yes you can use the X-Axis mode series, see documentation.


You can select Tab Axes
In X-Axis, you select Series in Mode
You select Max/Min/AVG… in Value.

Thank you all for your information. I will try with that options and get back to you guys :slight_smile:

If you have a issue, please reply to this post.
I will do my best (Y)