Can I use variable control query enable/disable

I use subquery in dashboard
I config 2 query
A: max_over_time(…)
B: avg_over_time(…)

I want use variable to cotrol which query is enable to query
does it’s possiable ?

Hi @chihhaowang

You can try the solution proposed here, as it convert queries into one line queries and escapes all commas , with backslash \ . All commas in queries must be escaped because the comma is used in Custom variable to separate different queries

thank for reply
you give me a ieal
I try replace max_over_time/avg_over_time to variable
it’s can work

like this

(sum by(groupname) (rate(namedprocess_namegroup_cpu_seconds_total{node_name="$node", groupname=~"asdasd.*", job="integrations/process_exporter"}[$__rate_interval])))

use $fuct to control which fuctions to apply