Calling JSON API with Query does not display any data

I have a problem with the data display. I’m displaying queries from our system that uses GraphQL via the JSON API in Postman via a query that I modify to call the JSON API and everything works great. I wanted to port this solution to Grafana, but I am unable to call this data.

My connection is identical, I have Authorization with Bearer token in the header. But the problem still persists on any arrival. Table shows no data. I write the query in body - JSON. Can anyone help me with this? I am a bit frustrated with this.


Welcome @mikolas

Please post result of your graphql json data? also

  • version of grafana
  • visualization you want to use: bar chart, stats, time series?

I use the latest version of Grafana in the Cloud. I don’t know how to find out its version. I don’t know what output you’re interested in, but there isn’t one. No data is being displayed.

I tried to view the data in “Explore data”

There is data returned from postman

But if there is no data in postman porting over to grafana…won’t work either

As I wrote, in postman I enter for example this command:

  "query": "query GetDefaultProducts { products { items { id name ean code quantities { depot { id name } quantityStock quantityReservation quantityAvailable } } } }"

I receive this data:

“data”: {
“products”: {
“items”: [
“id”: 112233,
“name”: “Items123”,
“ean”: “1953211110002”,
“code”: “code”: “items_112233”,
“amount”: [ “quantity”.
“depot”: {
“id”: 111,
“name”: “Stock123”
“quantityStock”: 245,
“quantityReservation”: 4,
“quantityAvailable”: 241

But I’m not getting any data back in Grafana.

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Do you see any errors in the browser console? Or are there any errors on the dashboard itself. please send screen shot.