Calling an external API (GCP cloud function) from Grafana and authenticate the user via jwt

Hi there,

not sure if the category is right, if not forgive me.
I am looking for a solution and I am not sure if it already exists or if I need to learn how to develop a plugin myself.

From my Grafana dashboard I want to call a Google cloud function via http and pass some parameters to it. Cloud functions seem very specific but I guess my use case exists for other apis or platforms like AWS as well.
So far, I can do that with the text panel including an html form for the parameters and calling the url of the cloud function on submit.
However, that only works for cloud functions which allow access without authentication. I want to allow only authenticated invocations of my cloud function.
For authentication, I want to use a jwt file (like for the BigQuery datasource plugin). From what I understand, the generation of the token needs to be done in the backend, what would call for a backend plugin (alternatively an app or datasource plugin, not sure about that).

So my question is, is there already an existing solution/plugin for this use case or do you have any other ideas on that? So far I haven’t found any.
I hope I articulated my problem clearly, if not I’m happy to clarify it more.
Every help or comment is much appreciated, thank you!