Calculation of water meter data from 7 am day 1 to 7 am day2

I have created a dashboard which is calculating data of our water flow meters for daily, weekly and monthly data. It works fine using biundaries function.

Now a new requirement has come up to calculate the data from 7 am day 1 to 7 am day 2 and similarly for weekly and monthly consumption of water.
However the boundary function will not work here.

I have also tried HourSelection function but the values are not correct. Is there any other function which can help with our requirement.

can you change your query to only fetch the data required?

if you wanted to track the progress of something during business hours, you could set a time range that covers the current day, but starting at 7am, like so:

Start time: now/d+7h

End time: now

This is equivalent to the Today so far time range preset, but it starts at 7:00am instead of 12:00am by appending +7h to the periodic start time.

I tried this solution, however I have to do this for day, week and month. Hence we have used boundary function for that. Archiving image for the dashboard.