Calculate values / time above threshold to watt


I like to calculate the times my heat pump turns on with 700 watt consumption. And then to kilowatts.

In a whole different query I count my daily energie consultion, displayed in watts, to kilowatts with the following statement which works correct.

SELECT integral(“watt”) / 3600000 as “kWh/Tag” FROM “schaltschrank” WHERE (“kennzahl” = ‘leistung’ AND “phase” = ‘16.7.0-gesamt’) AND $timeFilter

Any ideas?

Just change the Unit to kWh

Sorry I might been unclear. The unit of the value is rpm (revolutions per minute). See the Y axis. It shows a value of over 2000 (rpm). Converting them to kWh leaves me with 2MWh. Not solving my problem.

Sorry, I don’t get it… There is no rpm in the query…:slight_smile: