Calculate total time of process running with windows exporter


I’m using prometheus windows exporter to show cpu usage of each process on my PC.

Currently it looks something like this

With the query being

((avg without (cpu) (sum(irate(windows_process_cpu_time_total{instance="$server",process!="Idle",}[5m])) by (process)) / 12)* 100) 

I would like to do 2 things:

First there are lot of processes which use very low amount of cpu, is there some easy way to set it up to filter only procesess that use for example 1% and more?

And as a second thing I’d like to do is to have it show total time of the processes running, so for example, is there even some way to calculate it using the data I have?

As an example in this case I’d like it to show “cpuburner: 7 minutes” I’d like this number to accumulate everytime the process is running since the beginning of the data collection, so preferably independent of the time range selected. Something like total playtime on steam… I’m grafana beginner so I’m not really sure of the capabilites yet