Calculate energy and gas consumption in money with Grafana

After I had previously placed this question in the Home Assistant community, I was reminded to ask this question here as well.

I was wondering if it is possible to create a graph with Grafana that shows a cost overview of your electricity and gas consumption, that you read via your smart meter (Dutch meter, DSMR). So the number of kwh that you use per day is then converted into monetary values based on what you pay per kwh or m3 with your energy company.

I am very curious what you have to do to get it done.

Thanks in advance!

Should be as simple as adding a constant multiplier to your query to get from e.g. [kWh] to [kWh]*[price per kWh].

If you want you can set the price to be a template variable (of type “constant”) which will then show up at the top of the dashboard, so you can see/edit the set multiplier

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Thanks for the info.

Here I also found good information about how to set it up.

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