Calculate C=A*B

Hi. How can i do C=A*B and show om graf or table seris C?
There is some inf

My strings:

A: SELECT “value” FROM “st” WHERE (“param” = ‘sttek’) AND $timeFilter
B: SELECT “value” FROM “sv” WHERE (“param” = ‘svtek’) AND $timeFilter
C: A*B

A: st - sun amperes. B: sv - sun volts. Alternetive energy.
I need calculate power. Ampere * Volts = st*sv.

HOW? please help

why does my graphite interface look different than in the documentation? my version is newer?
can’t find the same features from the documentation. where to look? The video tutorials interface is different.
Grafana v6.0.0-beta3 (commit: 19192fc)

same I have no metric options ? * v6.1.4 (commit: fef1733)

did you find out how to do this?