Buttons in Emails templates

Hello everyone, I have a question about email template. I understand there is a reference for the template how to get the data. The question is - is there a possibility to add a button to the hyperlink URL as it is in the default message? I want to omit information, but I would like to keep the button style of Panel URL, Alert URL and Dashboard URL.

Grafana version: 10.1.1

did you find a solution ? It seems that the buttons are there when using the default template. Il looked at the code but I do not understand where the setup of the buttons is.

So I asked directly the devs on Github. You can’t have buttons if using a custom email template:

I would check that template in the source code and generate the same code in the custom notification template. It may work if they don’t escape html code in outputs from custom templates.

hello, I browsed and it is likely possible when you go into the source code which I dont want to touch, so no, I have no answer

yes, its been a long time before I got the answer so I opted in just for keeping the whole message