blackbox_exporter Grafana Flow Mode Issues

Hi Guys,

I have been playing with the promethes.exporter.blackbox in Grafana Flow mode, however I seem to be having some issues. I have configured a basic static icmp test with the configuration in the below image, however when I browse the metrics URL on the Grafana Agent I receive the error “Unknown module “http_2xx””.

Also, I am wanting to confirm that it is possible with the Grafana Agent promethes.exporter.blackbox to pass targets discovered from a file? I have tried a number of combinations but it always seems to require the target to be defined in blocks. My intended use case is to define a services file with labels, discovery it with discover.file, re-define for the exporter using disover.relabel then pass to the blackbox exporter.

For the url to work you have to add the parameters module and target like this: