Black Loginscreen only over Dyndns

Hi there,
I’m new here and starting working with grafana some days ago. I Installed Grafana in a Docker on my Synology. Everything is fine and it is working.
But… when I connect to mydyndns:3000 than I get only a black (login) screen and I’m not able to login.
Is there someone who has an idea?

thank you and greetings ralph

Do you see any errors either in the console of your browser (Chrome/Firefox devtools) or in the grafana server logs. You can look at those by running a command like this:

docker logs grafana

Hi thank you for your reply. No error no nothing… but it should be a problem with the it envoirment in my company, because one hour ago I made a test from my neighbour and it worked.
So… I think we can close the topic.

thank you

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