Bigger Font Sizes

Hello folks,

Any chance of getting the Font sizes bigger than 200%?


In some situations, depending on the resolution or even the importance of the metric, that 200% max size looks like a small dot in a sea of pixels. Maybe the best option would be a free form where you can just type how much “percents” would you like.

It’s easy to override the font size inside of the span class using a Chrome/Firefox extension but it does not look very friendly.


Alberto Bengoa

Answering to myself, seems that with Grafana 6.0 we are no longer able to override font size using the trick with text/html panel.

Anyone else with this same situation?

Hi @bengoa,
I had the same issue - the singlestat font size was simply too small. I managed to do a workaround by modifying a plugin:

  • Install grafana plugin BlendStat, which is an upgrade for SingleStat
  • Modify module.js file in dist folder (find 200% value and change it to your liking, in my case, 700%)
  • Restart Grafana so that the changes take effect
  • In the BlendStat module edit mode, you will see the new, replaced value, which should work!

It is not perfect, since there are distortions if you use gauges, but it worked well for us.

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I think that’s a good issue to open up for singlestat. increasing the size in the code is trivial to do.

Hello @badtweety,

Thanks. I figured out how to deal with it on the new version. There is a sanitize option that you can disable on grafana.ini file. You can find more information here [1].

BTW, I liked this BlendStat because it allows multiple series/queries. Really useful.

[1] - Grafana 6.0 HTML text not working (bug?)


Hey @bkgann,

I (and others) have already opened, but Grafana guys seems to not be interested on it now:

I’ll bring it up internally :slight_smile:

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Woww! That sounds really nice :smiley:



Anyone else having this “lovely” problem again after upgrading to Grafana 6.2?

I guess this change[1] broke the ability to override font-sizes.

[1] -

@bkgann Any luck on having this issue properly solved/implemented?


I did get the all-clear to fix this, will put in the PR and get it pushed through :smile:

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OMG!! Can’t believe it!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

That’s fantastic news. Thank you a lot @bkgann!

To close out / update this thread, i do see this feature now added to grafana->SinglStat (and it works GREAT! thank you)

For anyone looking for this new feature, Im pretty sure it was added to SingleStat in grafana v7.4.0 (i dont see it in my main v7.3.6 , but it is in my test setup @ v7.4.0)

located here:

Ive really been SO impressed with the speed and quality (and attention to legacy functionality) at which new features are being added to grafana (with many of them requested or starting out in these forums!). Grafana is such a great product! Thanks devs/grafana team!

(frankly v7.4.0 could be called v8.0 as there are SO many new/great features in it. I was floored when first reading the changelog - i strong encourage others to use/test/try v7.4.0)
(LOVE grafana!)