Big Issue with CSV output generation in K6 -operator

I am using azure file task to store the final raw results of a k6 test run on kubernetes with k6-operator but there is one huge problem when I output it into CSV the pods gives error at the end even when they have successfully executed the test. But when I do it into json the pods successfully shows completed

Custom resource file outputing csv:

Custo resource file ouputing json:

final pods status after test complettion:

Note : I am getting both csv and json in my azurefiletask perfectly but the pods are showing error when it is outputing to the csv only.

Hi @patenvy, it doesn’t seem like the test was executed in this case. I’d recommend to look at the logs of the pods and details of their status with kubectl describe. The logs of the operator are worth taking a look at as well.

no Look at this stuff here

this shows the pods are running

the csv is also getting generated

the describe thing looks like this
and the logs are empty

This is a bit confusing. In your 1st post you have runner pods with Error and in the 2nd post you have runner pods with Running: it must be two different test runs. It makes sense to check the logs and kubectl describe of the pods that ended in Error state. Running is a healthy state - there’s nothing to see there.

Also, you can use console.log in your scripts as well as quiet: "false" in the yaml spec to have a more detailed reporting in the runner logs. By default, quiet is true.

its stays in the Running state till the tests gets completed and after the tests get completed ends with error

If the test gets completed (runs till the end), then what is the problem? Have you looked at the logs of the operator as I suggested?

the logs are empty nothing gets printed

@patenvy If you’re running the test with k6-operator, then there are definitely logs from the operator pod. By default, it’s installed into k6-operator-system namespace: what pods do you have there?

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