Regarding csv results generation

I am using volume claim so that my results do get stored after the pods are done running but volume claim getting error test/test.js not found can anyone help me here.

Hi @patenvy, could you please show what you have tried exactly and what kind of errors you got?

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I have created a PVC now can you tell how to push my test files into it

I am creating a temporary pod to add files into pvc but that is nit working.

Specifics depend on the type of volume. In general, if you want to copy files manually, use Kubectl Reference Docs

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hey thx now Its working but I can’t generate more RPS in kuberentes using k6-operator. I have 20 CPU cores and 80 gigs of ram which can generate 11-12 k RPS on a VM but giving me dial tcp timeout and connection refused errors on generation even 4k rps on kuberenetes using K6-operator and solution ?

And I have actually generated around 3k RPS per pod a single day ago on the same cluster with SKU’s

(Don’t know what changed in a single night)