Best way to migrate from Apt Grafana to most up-to-date Grafana

So I ended up getting Grafana from the Apt command on Debian 10, to do an easy install, and it’s great and all, but it’s stuck with the Grafana version: 7.3.6. I noticed this before but didn’t really mind due to not using Grafana all that much (installed last year), but now I’m using it quite heavily and would like to have the most recent update, which is in the 8.0 now.

How can I safely upgrade to the most recent version and getting rid of the Apt version, while retaining all my settings and such?

You can add the Grafana APT repo and install the latest from there: Install on Debian/Ubuntu | Grafana Labs

My hunch is that this will preserve your settings, since it should simply overwrite your existing Grafana binaries while keeping your other files (settings and grafana.db) in their existing locations. I.e., your system (specifically Apt) should know that it’s simply installing a newer version of the same package, rather than something new altogether.

That said, you may want to take a look at Upgrade Grafana | Grafana Labs and follow some of the steps in there (e.g. backing up your database) in order to make sure nothing breaks.

Oh I see, more simple than I thought. Just needed the Grafana APT repo instead of using Debians. Awesome, thanks for the help. All up-to-date, and everything is in tact.

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