Best way to get hostnames from prometheus node, kubernetes and windows exporters

Hay All
I have a challenge I need to find a way to put hostnames on a panel title the data is coming in from Prometheus, I have created a panel that displays a time series from different metrics based on the Prometheus data source selected, now the issue I have is that I am sourcing the data in the panel based on node-exporters, Kubernetes exporters and WMI exporters and each one has a different way of sending the hostname, is there a way I can get Grafana to regX the hostname label coming through and display that as the Title on the panel
any documentation or recommendations please
Many Thanks

hi @christianh1

you should be able to do that by using Variables. You can use variables in titles. Here is a live example using variables and Prometheus. Note that the titles of the panels use variables, which value vary depending of the data being pulled up from the promQL queries.

As for variable syntax, it is regex escaped for Prometheus. Here is the docu

Hope it helps!