Best way to debug data flow through Alloy?

I am using Alloy as the collector between my Java app (using OpenTelemetry Logback appender) sending logs via OTLP to my collector, and then forwarding on to Loki (using Loki writer). I am starting with a very basic config; not doing any data manipulation because I wanted to start by seeing what I got just out of the box.

What I am noticing is that somehow when the logs get to Loki they lack a timestamp field which seems really puzzling. Clearly there are a several moving parts (OTLP appender, Alloy, Loki) but I am wondering if there is a good way for me to get a better idea of what the data actually looks like going through Alloy?

Is there anyway for me to be able to dump the OTLP that it is recieving? Or what the data looks like it is writing to Loki?