Best way how to install 5.0 nightly beside production 4.6


during holidays i would like to spent some time with Grafana 5.0, which i need for some new functions (like variables with MySQL) and of course i’m really interested in all other new features and want to use them as soon as possible. I just would like to give some testing to Grafana 5.0 before switching it to production, so best for me and my limited technical resources and knowledge is to install it on same VPS where current Grafana is running (i can then just remove existing Grafana 4.x and use 5.0, when it’s released/stable enough for us). I really would like to use as much of existing setup as possible, and i of course need data from InfluxDB on this VPS. Current setup is Debian 9.2, Grafana 4.6.0 installed from apk (not available anymore, orphaned), with one modification (my developer applied patch

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:



Simplest is probably to use the Grafana docker image tagged master if that’s possible for you. Otherwise install one of the Grafana nightly builds.

I understand that you want to try it out with data from your existing installation. I recommend that you backup your database and restore a copy to be used for Grafana v5. However, if you make changes to both old installation database and v5 database, don’t expect to be able to merge the two databases together at a later point.

Above answer are solely based on that I understand you only want to try out Grafana 5.0. Just so you understand, we have a lot of people running Grafana nightly builds in production and updating whenever new nightly builds are released. It’s a question of what you prefer, living on the edge or not :smile:

Please let me know if this answers your questions


Thanks Marcus.

Living on the edge - well, i don’t prefer this anymore, as there is so much things which i need to care of and Grafana is one of support system (even though very importat one!), that best case scenario is “make it running and forget”. And i’m not dedicated IT stuff, but our resources are limited, so i need to take care of it by myself, whenever possible. Second thing is, that if something will be broken, my management will punish me :smiley:. They fell in love with Grafana :smile:

So i will carefully try to run nightly (as a second instance of Grafana on same VPS). I understand that i’ll be not able to merge changes made in 4.x DB, but i don’t expect any changes there - i’m waiting with all changes for 5.0.

Be sure, that i’ll report my results ;).


Awesome :smile:

Have a blast with 5.0 and we’ll eagerly await any of your feedback.


Well, that escalated quickly.

I less or more destroyed my Grafana today by my fault (wanted to re-launch Grafana with new SSL key values in config file, ended with re-writen Grafana config/DB, or at least so it seems to me). I can share details of this humiliating event, to prevent doing same stupidity by someone else, if somebody will like to.

So instead of trying to reanimate this dead corpse i’ve installed nightly, unfortunately i’ve run into issues with variables on very begining ( Would be glad for help, because now we are without any Grafana. Yes, i know, i should make backups.

Thanks a LOT

Yeah, you should always backup.

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do before your issue have been resolved.


As i mentioned, workadound is to toggle edit mode. So now i’m fighting with different issues :).