Best practices for upgrading Loki and or Prometheus

Hello All,

I’ve inherited a Grafana server with both Loki and Prometheus installed and would like to know if there are any best practices or pre-upgrade preparations I should make or take before I upgrade both services to the latest-and-greatest releases.

Am posting here since I could not find anything specific on the internets about this.
Current plan is:

  • upgrade Prometheus from v2.21.0 → v2.40.7
  • upgrade Loki from v2.1.0 → v2.7.1

Is there anything I should do or prep for before I upgrade the binaries like make a backup or copy of something ? I am new to Grafana / Loki / Prometheus so any advice such as “upgrade promtail, node_exporter, and mysqld_exporter on the target servers first” etcetera would be appreciated. The server and client installs are all on virtual servers running various recent versions of Ubuntu. I updated grafana-server from 8.3.0 to 9.3.1 a couple of weeks ago and my client has given the green light to upgrade the rest of all the things. In all cases I got the binary releases from the Github repos.

Thank You in Advance,