Bar Chart legend not having what I want

I currently have a bar chart diagram working with this query:
MIN(CONCAT(date, ’ ', time)) AS first_datetime,
MAX(CONCAT(date, ’ ', time)) AS last_datetime,
DATEDIFF(DAY, MIN(CONCAT(date, ’ ', time)), MAX(CONCAT(date, ’ ', time))) AS days_diff,
DATEDIFF(HOUR, MIN(CONCAT(date, ’ ', time)), MAX(CONCAT(date, ’ ', time))) % 24 AS hours_diff,
DATEDIFF(MINUTE, MIN(CONCAT(date, ’ ', time)), MAX(CONCAT(date, ’ ', time))) % 60 AS minutes_diff
SELECT DISTINCT(pallet) AS pallet
FROM palletAudit
where $__timeFilter(combined_datetime) --AND orderNum = ‘0’ AND [from] = ‘0’ AND [to] != ‘0’
) AS subquery
JOIN palletAudit ON subquery.pallet = palletAudit.pallet
LEFT JOIN lottraceforward ON subquery.pallet = lottraceforward.pallet
GROUP BY subquery.pallet, lottraceforward.commodity;
now in the visualization I’m seeing Pallet, hour, minute in the legend.
But I want the pallet to not be there and just have Day, hour, min

How would i go about to achieve this? I’m sure its simple and I’m just missing something. Pretty new to Grafana also.

you can use a field override to hide values on the legend

Perfect. Thanks for the tip. I have figured out how to hid what needs to be hidden. Much appreciated