Bar chart displays same label to all categories

I have a bar chart, and one day it changed its category labels to be the same (the label is the last category in the table). This happens not only is one bar chart but in all of my bar charts.
This is how it looks:

and if I change the chart to a table, the column names are the categories:

How can I restore the labels to be the table categories as before?

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Got same issue after upgrading from 7.0.0 to 7.1.0 - all my line charts lost their categories…

hello, did you precise in your sql request the label ? i think it is necessary to precise it with “metric”, for exemple :
select count (*) as value,
mytable.label as “metric”
from mytable
group by mytable.label

I use Azure Log Analytics as data source, so this was working fine before:
| where __timeFilter(TimeGenerated) | where ObjectName == "Memory" | summarize FreeRAM = min( CounterValue/1024 ) by Computer ,bin (TimeGenerated, __interval)
| order by Computer asc, TimeGenerated asc

Is there a man page on adding metric as I don’t understand what should I fix :slight_smile:

In 7.1 query will work having “order by TimeGenerated asc” only…