AWS Tags - Metric request error


I’m trying to monitor some basic EC2 metrics on Grafana.
I would like to only work with my EC2 instances that are tagged “Project:simba” on AWS.

When I’m creating a new variable, with the following query :

ec2_instance_attribute(eu-west-1, InstanceId, {"tag:Project": ["simba"]})

I’m getting a metric request error message.

On AWS, I can see EC2 instances tagged, Project: Simba
DataSource seems ok, the following query return all Instances IDs :
dimension_values(eu-west-1, AWS/EC2, CPUUtilization, InstanceId)

If someone has any idea, of what I doing wrong I would appreciate the help.


Check Grafana logs. There should be more details about the error.

I bet you don’t use correct IAM role/user with these permissions:

"Action": ["ec2:DescribeTags", "ec2:DescribeInstances", "ec2:DescribeRegions"],

I was indeed missing some permissions.