Average of many data points

I have data coming in from my truenas via influxdb. I’m trying to get a max & avg of CPU temperature as a single Stat Panel. The data comes in as this measurement:

  • servers.host.cputemp-0.temperature
  • servers.host.cputemp-1.temperature
  • etc.

For 32 CPU’s. I want to be able to take the average and max for all those CPU’s. By that I mean average on one Stat Panel and max on a different Stat Panel. Though, it doesn’t really have to be a Stat Panel, but just a single number on my dashboard.

Is this at all possible?

Welcome @kioku

Are you using InfluxQL or Flux?

I am not sure! My influxDB is still 1.3.0. Does that narrow it down?

Yes, reading a bit more, Flux only became production-ready in influxdb 1.8.0, and my installation predates that by a fair bit.