Average Count per Time Interval

Hello, my second day with Grafana, so please bare with me if I ask something obvious.
I have 2 panels in my dashboards using ES datasource. Refresh rate is 5s.

My index is Agent index with fields: status and updatedAt.
1st panel is Count (agent by statuses). I set wildcard lucene query, group by status field and then by Date Histogram (interval 5s). On X axis I chose Mode Series and the value Total. All good!

but on the 2nd panel I need to plot average count per min. I tried the same way as with 1st panel:
I set wildcard lucene query, group by status field and then by Date Histogram (interval 1m). On X axis I chose Mode Series, But what should be value on X axis? If I set Total, like in 1st panel, I get the identical graph, if I set the Avg, I get meaningless result, e.g 10x smaller then total counts.

Any hint?
Thanks in advance,

How to show the Average of a count metric in specified time interval?
I don’t need a snapshot, but average value.
Anyone, please?


I use Single-stat or Annunciator plugin to get the average events per second (Grafana 5.0.3, Elasticsearch 6.2.2):
Single-stat or Annunciator Plugin:

  • Metrics tab - Data Source=Elasticsearch, A - Query - Metric=Count, Group by = Date Histogram, @timestamp (<-- my timestamp field), Interval:1s
  • Options tab - Value - Metric=avg, Unit=none

This gives me the average count of a specific metric (for me, my metric is all documents) for the selected time range.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I have a graph panel where I do Agents count grouped by Term status and DateHistogram.
I don’t think SingleStat panel or it’s improved version would help me here.
Is this correct?