Auto-Importing Dashboards having data source variables with Grafana Helm

Hello all,

we have one query regarding dashboard import/provisioning. We are importing dashboards manually every time some new updates are available. We have tried configuring with dashboardProviders in helm yaml and dashboards are imported too however, dashboards use data source variables and we get error that $(DS_MYDATASOURCE) was not found.

Could anyone please suggest how can we resolve this issue?

Hello @yosiasz could you please provide any suggestions if you are aware

What do you mean by above? What is your process that requires manual import? Are these new dashboards or edits to existing dashboards in a separate environment?

Are they exported if so how?

@yosiasz these are new dashboards and we import them for each data source for now. Dashboard use ${DS_MYDATASOURCE} variable so that multiple data sources can import it and showcase data.

However, we were looking for an option, if we could have them auto - imported after plugin is installed for all data sources during helm upgrade to get latest dashboard enhancements ?

If we can have them auto-imported after plugin is installed ( no need to click on ‘import’ button)