Associate alerts to a visualization (like in Metabase)

In my company, we want to switch from Metabase to Grafana, specifically for the flexibility that Grafana provides in this regard. However, one feature that Metabase has, which I can’t find in Grafana, is the ability to associate a graph with an alert so that the user can have more context about what triggered the alert.

Currently, we send our alarms using Metabase to a Slack channel. When the user clicks on the alert, they are redirected to the graph (bar, table, or line) associated with the alert. Is there any way to achieve this in Grafana, or is Grafana not the best tool for this particular use case?

Any help is appreciated!

welcome @dumejo92

You can achieve the same in Grafana.

You can associate an alert to a panel in 2 different ways:

  1. When creating the new rule, in the step 4 add dashboard ID and panel ID

  1. From the panel (in edit mode), click the Alert tab, and either create a new rule or choose an existing one. You will see that both dashboard and panel id will auto fill automatically

Finally, the alert notification comes in with a link to the panel we tied it to