Any ServiceNow integration?

I am looking to evaluate this product for enterprise use. I love the fact that it has integrations into victor ops/pager duty and slack. What I am really in the need of is service now integration. Does anyone know if it has that capability?


Are you asking if service now are supported as an alerting notification channel? Here you find all supported alerting notification channels. Service now is not supported, but you could use the webhook and integrate against service now api, if any.

If you’re asking about service now as a data source I don’t think that exist. You could use the SimpleJson data source and implement a wrapper of service now api, if any.

Of curiosity, what setup are you looking for using with grafana?


If you are looking for simple JSON type of snow grafana integration. You may check my project described here and sources on github I’m currently working on 2nd version, much flexible, probably will release it in a few days. Current state i non master branches is beta stage.