Grafana Email/ServiceNow contact point integration help

I have a few questions related to grafana support for contact points and templating. I couldn’t find much help online and hence turned here.

  • Does grafana 9.5 support any way of integrating with ServiceNow as a contact point for alert notifications? We tried the webhook based approach however, due to grafana webhook notification payload used ServiceNow fails the request. (using templates or additional message format doesn’t help because that’s embedded in the overall payload which is fixed). Is there another way? In that context, came across Grafana On Call. Is this a different version of grafana? As a grafana open source user, can I used it in self managed fashion?

  • Grafana email contact point templating issue: While grafana can make use of templates to format the content of email notification, but the eventual body of the email is “html” content. We tried to change it using the email_templates config option in 'email’s config, but this doesn’t seem to take effect. In fact the no notifications fire.

Appreciate if anyone can please help or explain.

-Abhishek Chaturvedi