Anonymous access to scripted dashboards

I want to offer anonymous access to scripted dashboards.

The accepted wisdom seems to be that blanket anonymous access is not available — setting [auth.anonymous] / enabled = true allows anonymous access only to dashboards owned by that indicated by [auth.anonymous] / org_name.

However, neither of the example scripted dashboards suggest any way to nominate an organisation, and there is no documentation besides those two examples.

So: how can I allow anonymous access to scripted dashboards?

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To reply to myself for the potential future benefit of others: it appears as though scripted dashboards are always assumed to belong to whichever organisation has ID 1. So assigning the anonymous user to that organisation provisionally appears to be the solution.

It’s strongly implied that appending e.g. &orgId=2 probably switches which organisation the scripted dashboard belongs to, but I haven’t thoroughly tested.

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