Issues with Anonymous Access for Multiple Organizations in Grafana

Hi ,

I’m having trouble with setting up multiple organizations in Grafana while enabling anonymous access.
I’ve enabled anonymous auth in the config.
However, it seems that users are still required to log in when trying to access dashboards from different organizations.

Is there a way to allow anonymous access across multiple organizations? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


So as far as my understanding goes anonymous access does not depend on the organizations. In my setup I have multiple organisations but I am still able to access Grafana as an anonymous user. I have attached some screenshots for reference, do follow up if these help or if you need more clarity:
As you can see in this image, I have not signed in but I am able to access:

Also I have multiple organizations and not just the Main Org(Do Note: To view the organizations I had to login as I have given only view access to anonymous access):



Thanks for the response.

In the Grafana config file, There is the section to specify the organization name for unauthenticated users:

For example:

# Specify the organization name that should be used for unauthenticated users
org_name = Admin
org_name = Test Org1
org_name = Test Org2
org_name = Test Org3

However, when I add multiple organizations, it still asks me to log in when I share a dashboard of one of the organizations. Maybe I’m not configuring them correctly?