An issue with Grafana Loki using Promtail on a linux host

Hello everyone,
I am trying to use the Grafana Loki service using these guides:
# Gathering logs from a Linux host using Promtail

As per the guides, I set-up a config.yaml file and put in into the /etc/promtail directory. I run the docker command successfully:

One thing, that is not clear to me, is how to configure Grafana Cloud to recieve logs (Step 1 on the guide). It says, “Enter the information you found for Name , URL , User , the API key you created earlier, and check the Basic Auth box.” Which I did. When I press “Save & test”, I receive an error message saying, “Loki: Cannot connect to Loki. 404. 404 page not found”.

I wonder if it is a configuration problem:

It is not clear to me, what is supposed to go into the URL field. I assumed, it should be " ```

I would be glad to get any help with this.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @d400801 ,

If you are using Grafana Could and the hosted Grafana there, then you should not have to configure a new data source for Loki.

The configuration that you need to worry about is the Promtail client config, where you need the API keys, etc.

Or do you want to add Grafana Cloud Loki to your “local” Grafana?