Allow viewers to silence their own alert

We want to use Grafana to alert different teams, depending on labels. So far so good. I have written an alert that is triggered and the notification policy decides the point of contact. Now I want to give the alerted team the ability to mute their own alert.
Unfortunately, only editors can mute the alert. The editor privilege is too broad for this type of user. So is there a way to configure that viewers can also mute an alarm?


I exactly need same future. A role must be added to ser silences and just set variables on dashboards.

Hi @lukasb8af, currently this is possible only in Grafana Enterprise which provides more sophisticated RBAC functionality and let administrators create custom roles with a custom set of permissions.
However, the motivation you provided seems to be good enough to think about this feature in opensource Grafana. I think we can add a config option similar to an existing one viewers_can_edit. I would really appreciate if you can create a discussion\feature request in Grafana repository, so many contributors and users can leave feedback and we can schedule it.

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Did anything happen with this? We’re hitting this limitation now and I’m not seeing a way to grant this permission to users in the OSS version.


I have opened an issue for discussion Alerting: With viewers_can_edit enabled the users are not able to create silences · Issue #73076 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

I’m also hitting this limitation and Editor is also a broad permission for the users.

I’ve added an additional scenario to your github issue where I need Support (viewers) to be able to Silence Alerts without also being able to edit dashboards or alerts.