Alerts stuck open

Hi all,
I am having an issue where I have some alerts set up to monitor snmp information coming in and trigger an alert if the data changes. This is working great but every now and then the alert will stay firing but the alert rule shows no issue.
Its like Grafana didnt send the resolved message to the OnCall alert.

Is there anything more than the ‘Disable Resolved Message’ on the contact point I can check?

Thanks in advance

Just following onto this, it looks like when a mute is applied, the resolved message does not go through to the open alert and thus leaves alerts open.

Is there any way to allow resolved messages to go through the mute?

Hi! :wave: No mutes are for all notifications, including resolved notifications. The reasoning for this is that if resolved notifications were allowed, partial notifications would be received for some users. For example:

Alert Group 1:

  • Alert 1 (Firing)
  • Alert 2 (Resolved)

The notification for Alert Group 1 would show 1 resolved alert, even though the group also contains a firing alert. However, this is not at all an accurate representation of the Alert Group and could be seen as misleading.

Yeah that makes sense then thank you.

Should the resolve message be going through once out of the mute timings though? As it isn’t doing it for me at the moment

Thank you