Alerts Migrated to Unified alerting show unhelpful values

Hello all,

I’ve upgraded from v8.5.11 to v9.4.7 yesterday, and a lot of alerts were affected by the following:


query: sum(logback_events_total{maintainer="team",level="error"})  by (service)
alert condition: classic_conditions: diff(A) > 0

Legacy alerting reports the following when an alert triggers

[[Alerting] Errors on the last 30s]
Value {service=service_name}

Unified alerting reports:

[[FIRING:1] Errors on the last 30s (id)]
Value: B0=1
- alertname = Errors on the last 30s
- grafana_folder = folder
- rule_uid = id

Is this output with value: B0=1desired behaviour? As it would be very helpful for my team to continue to see the service name instead of B0. I managed to show it in a different part of the alert using {{ $values.B0.Labels.service }}, but ideally Value field should show inherited labels from the query if possible. I’ve since had to roll back to legacy alerting.

Hello, I have the same issue. If I rollback to legacy alerts, it’s doesn’t work too…