Alerts don't sent notifications using a webhook

My version of Grafana is 8.3.2.

I want to achieve to update my graph every 10 seconds and if the expression for this graph is greater than the specified one, then sent an alert using a webhook.

I created a new alert for this query:

Also I have notification policy:

Maybe, I did something wrong. Could you help me, please?

Hi @dariatsvetkova21a, welcome to the community!

Are you able to receive notifications when you send a test notification from your ROCKET contact point?

Check out this blog for steps to test a contact point:

I’m looking at your alert evaluation statement as well, as it’s currently configured it will do the following:

  • Evaluate the alert query result every 10 seconds
  • Fire if the alert condition stays true for 20 seconds

I’d also recommend taking a look at your panel to find out if those conditions have been met.

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