ALERTS: Alert conditions using different timestamps

I recently upgraded to Grafana v6.2.5 , and in the previous versions my alerts were running fine through webhooks. I am using InfluxDB. Currently, the queries return data, but the alert returns no data which is why even though the graphic shows the critical color (red), but no alerts are actually sent out.

The data is not continuous, but discrete and only received once a day. The query in reference is called A and the query inspector shows that it is returning 3 rows of data, and this is how it is defined along with with the graphic:

This is how the alert is setup:

This is the test rule information:

Screenshot from 2020-09-17 15-10-09

As is clearly visible, although the test rule returns 3 rows of data exactly like the query A, but there is a difference: the time in the test rule is in seconds, however the timestamp in the query inspector is in miliseconds.

I have tried looking into request/response, and I notice that the time sent is in the format of days, e.g. now-2d, etc, so there is nothing happening on the client side that is causing this. I have dissected this problem from multiple angles and can’t seem to make head or tail of this problem and would be grateful for any direction, or insight into the matter.

This is how the alert is setup:

This is the grahpic, clearly showing the critical area: