Alerting Rule Annotations on TimeSeries Graph - OK Annotation

Hi, I’m using Grafana 10.2 on a windows server.

My rule is running successfully and alerting properly when my alert conditions are met. The problem I’m experiencing, and to be clear, not sure it’s a problem at all, is that I am getting an annotation periodically for the OK condition. Note: this annotation only shows up when actively looking at the graph. When not looking at the graph the annotation isn’t present.

I only really care about when the OK condition is not met. The only time I’d care about the OK condition is after the Error or Alerting Condition is met.

Here a screen shot of the OK annotation, it really clutters the graph.

Is there any way to only have it show “OK” if the previous state was “Alerting”? That would mean that the graph is always clean unless there’s an alert followed by it being corrected.