Alerting plugin with multi-tenant Mimir Ruler

I’m trying to integrate Grafana Alerting plugin with the multi-tenant Mimir ruler.
I’m able to get metrics for any tenant, so looks like datasource is working as expected. But when I tried to get alerts in the Alerting plugin I got an error:

Failed to load rules state from [mimir-delta]( {"status":"error","data":null,"errorType":"server_error","error":"no valid org id found"}
Failed to load rules config from [mimir-delta]( {"status":"error","data":null,"errorType":"server_error","error":"no org id"}

from the ruler’s perspective, I see the following error:

ts=2024-01-15T18:12:14.178101445Z caller=api.go:160 level=error user=default|k8s|nginx|rds|sharedservices msg="error extracting org id from context" err="multiple org IDs present"

Is there any documentation or recommendation on how to integrate the Alerting plugin with Mimir?

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