Alerting on Expressions

Hello Grafana community,

I need support from someone who knows more than a new user might.

I am attempting to create an alert on an expression that has to take into account the mode of operation. Currently the way we calculate a piece of equipment’s performance is how it runs while in an “Online” mode. There are a variety of other modes that don’t accurately show the equipment’s performance, so I am currently transforming the data to only show me when the equipment is in online mode.

Now when I try to create an alert on when the performance dips below a set value, I have to Reduce the data in order to create an expression to alert on. However this takes into account all the data so the Reduce value averages those values and gives a new value that is much lower than it is in “Online” mode.

How would I do an alert on Grafana 8.0 that takes into account mode of operation, and an performance math expression

Thanks for any support!

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