Get Started with Grafana Alerting

If you’re looking to learn the basics of Grafana Alerting, this resource is intended for you.

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I’m going through this tutorial and have run into a problem in the ‘Define query and alert condition’ section. When I preview the rule, I get an expression warning in B (reduce) ‘Reduce operation is not needed. Input query or expression A is already reduced data.’ I tried to change the rule by eliminating B and taking C’s input from A. The C expression only went to ‘Firing’.
I am logged in as admin. What am I missing?

Update: I continued on through the instructions with B eliminated and was able to successfully get the rule to fire and send a notification to requestbin.

Sorry you ran into this. We’ve submitted a PR to update/fix this in the tutorial. Before it’s accepted & published, you can see it here.

Thanx a lot for handling it. I find little quirks in the tutorial. I’ll report them if they hang me up.

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