Alerting multiple time series InfluxDB

I’m trying to set up a deadband error on multiple time series in InfluxDB, all time series are their own measurement (Cell1, Cell2… etc) with their own “value” data item (can’t be changed at this point). All systems in Grafana work fine except for the alerting.

When using “Classic Condition” alarm it works fine, but constantly resets and fires every few minutes if a value wobbles around the high alarm threshold. I am attempting to use the Threshold condition with a custom recovery threshold (fire on a HH threshold, stop firing once falls under H threshold)

The firing emails don’t seem to work and I constantly get Normal (Error) with the error reading as:

“invalid format of evaluation results for the alert definition : frame cannot uniquely be identified by its labels: has duplicate results with labels {}”.

I’ve seen this issue posted a few times in this forum, but none of their solutions seem to work, and I see nowhere to find the “labels{}” metadata, nor a “Metric” column as others have suggested.

Everything seems normal when setting up, but once I save it, then I see the error in the alert rule overview and it doesn’t seem to be able to fire the emails if it does exceed the threshold.

I have tried a few things, selecting the cell channels manually instead of using regex, applying aliasing, etc. I suppose that I could make individual alarms, but I have 132 channels.

Alternatively, is there a way to apply a deadband/auto-silence to the Classic Condition alarming so that it doesn’t constantly reset/fire when we’re wandering right at the setpoint?

Grafana v10.3.1
InfluxDB 1.8 (can’t change to 2.0)