Alerting Howto For InfluxDB

I am trying to find a good easy example on ho to do alerting on InfluxDB queries and labeling. I would like to query a certain drive path for over 90% full. I would like to have the name of the server in the email alert dynamically. How do I accomplish this?


If you are using Flux, check this out.


I’m using InfluxDB 1.8. I have the alerts working that I want. I need dynamic labeling for the device causing the issue

Dynamic alert labels, like this?

Yeah. Something like the value of which server is having the issue

Can you post screenshots of your alert queries and settings? And what you want your alert messages to display?

The query:

The alert:

I assume the query you showed is from β€œA”. What about parts β€œB” and β€œC”, where you specify the threshold you want to alert on? Something like this:

I don’t really need the value, just the device label. If there was one it would be value D

Maybe this?

Virtual Machine Disk Performance Is Over Threshold on {{ $values.D.Labels.vmname }} 

I can give it a try. Just have to wait for it to alert