Influxdb alert Labels

I want to know that does influxdb support Template labeles in alerting because I am since long ,but its not working @mattabrams @melori.arellano

Can you confirm: are you using the new Grafana Alerting platform (first released in Grafana 8) or the legacy alerting platform? I should note that the legacy platform is no longer actively developed:

Yes using new one, I added my ids in the tags(influxdb) then only I could access them in template labels. Though getting date and time and delayed alerts is still a problem

If I try to add date and time in tags(Influxdb code)to get it in labels(Telegram alerts ) it starts checking alerts for that date and time(added in tag) how do we solve this? we need the time and date in the alert message, is there any other way to get it?@daniellee @mattabrams @melori.arellano